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Friday, January 8, 2010

Too Spicy for Me

Hey all you splendiferous Friday readers! Thanks for taking part in the blog swap yesterday. And for not feeling too cheap after the, uh, swap. Variety is good, you know? Go make sure to visit Surferwife when you can and make sure she knows you love her and will cheer her on from your couch when she trains for this triathlon.

Now, here's a little post I like to call "Too Spicy for Me" . . .

When my daughter, Shaila, reaches for something I'd rather she not eat or drink, I resort to doing what is necessary to maintain what limited order I have in my life. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Which means, it's time to use a little "Spicy Technique" to try to discourage it.

Now, given my propensity to cook with lots of pepper and hot chillies whenever possible, she does know what "spicy" means at the age of 2 1/2.

I usually back off on it when I am cooking for all of us, but sometimes I get a little overzealous and I find myself throwing in one hot pepper too many.

Oops. I slipped. Darn.

But it sure does taste good. And we have a 5 lb bag of Chicken Nuggets from Costco that I can always fall back on for her during these "accidents."

She is adapting well. Listen, it IS about adapting. When I was growing up in my Indian household, when we would order pizza, the first condiment we'd have on the table was the crushed red pepper which we would liberally sprinkle on our New York Style, thin crust pizza slices.

We would then hold the pizza in one hand and a fresh green mircha (chilli) from my mother's garden in the other.

I mean, it was more like the condiment was the pizza versus the other way around. We have always liked our food hot.

And Shaila's tolerance for spice seems to increase daily. But, she is still a "Green Belt" to my "Black Belt" in spicy and she knows when to back off, usually.

So when Shaila reaches for the "devil's juice" (Caffeine-laden soda on a 2 1/2 year old is a BAD idea) or something I'd rather she NOT eat, I employ my universal deterrent.

"That's TOO spicy," I tell her.

"Too spicy?" She'll ask, already backing off. "Shaila doesn't yike too spicy," she'll shake her head and hold up her two little tiny hands.

I pat myself on the back and walk away, proud of being able to have mastered some of the fine art of manipulating my children.

But the other day, she surprised me. She saw me reaching for a Perrier from the frig and immediately was ALL over it.

"Mommy, what are you having?"

"It's called a Perrier, honey. And it's too, too spicy."

"Oh. Cool. Mommy, today, Shaila yikes spicy. I want some Pear-Yay."

So I poured some into her Little Mermaid sippy cup, certain she would semi-gag on the highly carbonated beverage.

Nope. She loved it.

"More?" she asked. "I yike Pear-Yay. I yike too spicy."

Yeah, I knew you would one day, Shaila. You ARE my daughter.

So now, when we sit down for dinner, Daddy gets himself a water and fills up my glass and Shaila's Elmo sippy cup with some spicy, spicy Perrier.

Because that's just how we roll.

So now that "spicy" isn't a bad word in our house, I am wondering what I'm going to say to make what is "off limits" less appealing. I have thought of the following, but don't really know if they are appropriate.

Shaila reaches for a carelessly available piece of candy off the counter.

Possible Response:
I wouldn't do that if I were you. Someone kidnapped your Barney and they said if you eat junkfood, he is going to die.

No, that seems a little extreme. Dismemberment might be enough to do it.
It's a shame it had to come to this Mr. B

Shaila disobeys my request not to grab Daddy's open beer from the table. She gets it, is able to drink some and looks at me expectantly, knowing I am not happy.

"Mmmm. Beer. I yike Daddy's beer," she licks her lips.

Again, she IS my daughter. Makes sense that this would happen.

Possible Response:
It's a shame you did that. (Pick up her pink Minnie Mouse cell phone and fake dial). Hello - is this the police? I'm going to need you to come here and take Elmo and Mickey into custody. Yes, come immediately. (Fake listen) Yes, I know. If ONLY she'd listened to Mommy.

Sorry to have to do this to you Mickey.

So I don't know what approach I will be using. But before you report me to the authorities (no, not on your fake Minnie Mouse phone), just know that I am kidding.

Kind of.



DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Don't worry. Good parenting is based on lies. Unfortunately, I could draw a skull and crossbones on the food in my cabinet and it wouldn't stop my son from hoovering out of the cabinet. He's 13. There is no stopping a 13 year old eating machine.

Melissa B. said...

My chicas know what hot is, too...Muy caliente! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

Gift Basket

Shell said...

That's too funny!

I say something is too hot(not spicy, just temperature- my boys like spicy, but they don't like something that is burning hot) or that it is a "mommy drink" or "daddy food." And they leave it alone.

Allyson said...

Well, I know my sister uses the "too hot" technique and the Mommy/Daddy drink a lot. And that seems to work most of the time. Except when it's red fingernail polish and then NOTHING works. I would not blame you a bit for killing off Barney or sending Mickey to prison because sometimes you just gotta what you gotta do. But you do have to share what you eventually come up with because I will have to file it away under Mommy Nuggets of Wisdom for future use.

So glad you and Surferwife did the swap. I LOVE finding new and fantastic bloggers.

Sara Plays House said...

Both of my girls LOVE spicy. Is it all the Mexican food I ate while pregnant? Probably. Nachos EVERY night in the first trimester might do that to a fetus.
I just tell them it's too HOT, temperature wise, and they'll back off.
And uh, beer is a GROWN UP drink. For whatever reason, that seems to work. For now.

Nipun said...

What can I say??

* Goes to think*
* signs out*


Anna See said...

Hee Hee! Too spicy worked for us for quite a while in this house, too.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

That was funny! I totally tell my boyz that something is "spicy" or "hot" if I don't want them to eat it!

MiMi said...

My dad would love to eat dinner with you every night. He LOVES spicy.
BTW: I love your baby girl's name. Shaila. It's very pretty! I also yike it when lil kids say yike.

Anonymous said...


when i was little my mom would tell me that if i didnt listen i would go to kiddie jail!

Stephanie Faris said...

Hahahaha! Pear-yeay. SO cute. I can just picture a little girl saying that. I can't stand that kind of water...but found when I visited England that was THE thing to drink. In fact, I had to deliberately ask for "still water" to get the kind of water I'm used to.

Love the spicy idea. I may have to try that.

Salt said...

Definitely the first one only because I wish someone would actually go through with Barney dismemberment.

Shaila is too adorable and Salt just loves that she talks about herself in the third person. My kinda gal.

Kayli said...

thank you so much for your comment on my blog.
your daughter is absolutely adorable.

Ruby said...

Hey I think i'll borrow too spicy for a while until little man gives in and finds out he likes it too. I'm so glad you came to visit my blog i so love yours! you have gained one more follower! BTW i'm grabbing your button and posting it on my page!

Kate@And Then I Was a Mom said...

Wow, Perrier. I thought my kid was adventurous with the generic, store-brand seltzer. I KNEW your household was super exotic!

angelina la dawn said...

how cute! my hubby likes his food spicy and i have what we call a "baby mouth" so we never share food cause it's always too spicy for me!
thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

The kid has good taste, what can you say?

I usually just threaten to give my kids away to a group of gypsies. They're so petrified that all I have to do is side glance them and yell GYPSIES!

Caroline said...

I'm curious to know now whether "too spicy" will work with the Bitlet . . . . worth a try. Let me know what you discover as the backup. I'm learning by observing over here.

Debbie in Nashville said...

That's funny! So glad you stopped by the other day and so glad to find your blog! Loving it. I spent 5 weeks in India recently and had to order all my food "not spicy, please" because I can't handle hot food. My boyfriend loves hot food so if I'm going to taste his dish I always have to hurry before he puts hot sauce or anything spicy on it!

Have a great weekend!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Haha too funny! love your blog- Im a new follower!

Maven said...

I could write a book with all the lies I've told parenting :-)

Loved this, and LOVE your wedding picture - WOW! You two are gorgeous!!

Masala Chica said...

You guys ALL rock - thank you for stopping by for any first timers. Some of you don't have your email address associated to your profile name - you got to change that so I can send an instant shout out to you when I need.

Get on that, ok?

Kate I think you think my house is way cooler than it is. we drink fancy perrier on fancy couches. That's what you think. I will have to let the legend live on :-)

Kiera said...

yes, yes, my children love beer and wine. what the? i let them have a sip to let them know how NASTY it is.

Sarah said...

Love the picture! I was trying to remember the lies my mother told me as I will have to implement them some time soon...the things we do as parents :)

Ams said...

Lol I am cracking up. Marcus loves spicy stuff too so that wouldn't work!!

I am always telling a white lie here and there so that I can be the best parents I can be! haha... hmmmmm... I wonder if it's working!?

Love this post! Shaila is stinkin' cute btw :)

ModernMom said...

Oh I love it!

Shandal said...

My son loves spicy too! He will eat my dad's hot salsa by the spoon alone. I actually have pictures of him when he was about 20 months drinking salsa out of a dish. We usually just say it's mommy/daddy's drink and he will back off. If it's food I just have to say that he won't like it and he trusts me and will back off.

myra said...

hahaha, i'm desi too and my mom definitely pulled the "it's spicy" over me quite a few times!!

by the way, Shaila's stinkin adorable!

Cop Mama said...

Ha ha, cute post! Love the pics too!

Happy SITS Saturday!

Lisa M said...

LMAO thanks for sharing this great post! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

kys said...

I don't think Shaila would yike the food at my house. It is not spicy at all.

(Loved this, btw. She's adorable.)

Amber Page Writes said...

I absolutely think you should dismember Barney...or threaten too. Man but do i hate that purple dino...

pixielation said...

I was able to keep carbonated drinks away from my girls for ages, because they both tasted them and just let them dribble out in disgust - too "fuzzy".

So fuzzy was my word for a while. But unfortunately first one, then the other overcame that, and soon liked them far too much!

Kristin said...

That little lady has some good taste!

meredith said...

first of all, your daughter is gorgeous.

my little sister is 14 years younger than me. when she was about your daughter's age and wanted my food/drink, i would tell her it was "medicine" and she could die if she took it. is that bad?

Melinda said...

Very cute! I hate to tell you, though, that it's much more difficult to fool them when they get older. And when they reach their teens, you're more worried about being fooled by THEM! ;0)

Anonymous said...

I have found the STSOYK* works well. They assume you to be crazy and are so taken aback nobody remembers what they were thinking.

*scare the sh*t outta your kids


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