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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My husband, John suggested that I had the wrong name altogether for my blog. He thought that if I was trying to make sure people knew I was Indian but that I would also be writing mommy stories, that I had overlooked the obvious blog name that was out there.

He looked me in the eye and said, "You should have picked Mahatmama."

I must have looked confused because he had to elaborate. "You know. Mahatma Gandhi. And then you're a mama. Mahatmama."

(And I am pretty sure he may have been thinking, "and you used to be hot." but he didn't say that. thankfully).

I was like, but I am Masala Chica now. This is who I am. How can you be telling me this, husband? Where were you with this great idea when I needed you?

So, just on a lark, I went to see what would have happened.

Can you believe that someone, some ingenuous, resourceful person, already thought to get that URL on

So I went and snapped up Mahatmommy, just in case I ever have an identity crisis with Masala Chica.

But while I think this suggestion is quite witty, I wonder if people would have gotten it. Not that people get Masala Chica either. I am sure many of you are like - what the heck is wrong with that girl?

But instead of pronouncing it Ma-hot-mommy, I am sure I would get the following:

Ma - hat -mommy (The blog of a woman who lost her mother's hat)
Ma - hate - mommy (A mother coping with the hatred of grandma)

I know that this would happen. So maybe its better to just stick with what I know right now.

What other names did you consider for your blog, if you have one? Have you ever regretted not going with another choice? Do people ever get confused by your own title?

Share, please! My head hurts from too much thinking.

P.S. Even though blogger told me the name was not available, looks like it gave me both Mahatmama and Mahatmommy. Now I am just getting greedy, I think. And people STILL won't get it. LOL.

Good night and sweet dreams . . .


Shell said...

I get it after you explained it! And think it's cute!

My blog title "Things I Can't Say" started out as the things I couldn't say on my family blog and holds true, though I guess it could be interpreted wrong, too!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I expected your husband to be Latino since you included "chica" and I already knew "masala" was Indian.

As for myself, I really wanted I did a search for it and a week later, some URL company had snatched it up. What are the odds? There must be a report that Google sells that tells what URLs were typed in and had no destination.

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Girl, you already KNOW my blog naming issues. Can you have your husband work on a title for my training blog? Thanks.

Surferwife has been my handle for a while so it was easy for my main blog.

I like Masala Chica. Cuz you spicy. And I like your spice.

Sorcerer said...

first time on your blog

thanks for the nice read!

Kate@And Then I Was a Mom said...

I like the name of your blog. It blends the exotic and the diverse and the familiar nicely, and I am able to summon up images of what is undoubtedly your overwhelmingly exotic home. I bet you have really cool couches, right? And I bet your daughter has much trendier clothes than mine.

Blog naming is no easy task, especially when you know you're going to write about being a mother, which sucks away some of the options. "And Then I Was a Mom" manages to sound nicely depressed and matronly at the same time--words that describe me these days.

Pity party! Anyone want to join in?

LiLu said...

I'd had "Live it, Love it" as my motto on my cell phone's home screen for years, but I have no idea how I came up with the shorthand it is now. Weird!

Nick said...

Mahatmama... I dunno. Ghandi was a dude. And a pretty serene, peaceful dude from what I understand. I don't know if that fits with most of your posts :)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Mine was easy. My name is Kathy. I own a campground (Kampground). People do stupid stuff or capers and make all the first letters a "k". Now I almost wish I had come up with something a little more anonymous since I have come under such scutiny by the wicked group of pipeliners. Wishin' won't make it so.....

French Family said...

Love this post. I can picture the scene as your husband springs the name on you only see the "I don't get it look" on your face. Like Scooby Do - Huh?

As for blog names, I briefly considered "The French Connection" before deciding being associated with a film about corrupt cops and drug dealers might not be a good idea.

Ams said...

I like the name... it makes sense.
I knew you were Indian and you were a chica?! lol... I couldn't come up with something smarter than that!!

Sara Plays House said...

My blog used to be Doodlebaby.
But then it turns out that there was an online store with the same name.
So it became Sara Plays House. No real reason. Just popped into my head one day and stuck.
(For the record--I like Masala Chica just fine)

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I wish my url was Trenches of Mommyhood instead of sarahviz. But when I started (back in the dinosaur age of 2005) I had no clue!

Shandal said...

I like your current name just fine! Mine is My Life in 3D, because my Hubs and our 2 kids have names that start with a D. I don't really like it. I was just too anxious to start a blog that I gave up thinking of a better name.

kys said...

I'm a flip-flopper- changing my mind all the time about everything.

Other possible blog names - Snuggle Wasteland and Hillbilly Stew.

Stir-Fry Awesomeness is my Rock Band name. (Sgt. Peepers is our Beetles Rock Band name, in case you wondered. Which you didn't.)


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