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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And the Husband Stealer Award Goes to . . .

PMP Dynomite!
PMP Out Of Sight!

What you see above is the bastardized version of the song called "TNT" made famous by AC/DC. I was singing it during our four days of PMP training and so yeah, I was probably a little bit of a pain in the butt. And yes, not very professional. But what can I say? I love me some AC/DC.

But two weeks ago, I was attending a 4 Day, 10-12 hour/day Boot Camp to prepare for the Project Manager Professional Certification.

The week was SOOOOOO much fun. In addition to my 10 - 12 hour training days, I was working at night and also had to come home to two ridiculously cranky babies who had a bone to pick with their absentee mom.

Hey, but I got through it all! I aced the prep class and passed the exam (ace would be pushing it on that one). So my objectives from the class were met and I was very happy about the wonderful teacher we had, the jovial conversation and dialogue amidst students during the four torturous days.

I also work for a large public software company that you all have heard of. I was planning on requesting that this teacher come to our facility and train our classes so we could get the most of the program.

Good news is I passed the exam. The bad news is, I got a threatening voice mail last night from the wife of the man who taught that class.

I had to listen to the message a few times. Was this the wrong number? Hmmm. No. Basically, what she said was that I acted inappropriately with her husband and to stay away from him.

Um. All I did was take the class. I swear guys. I know that when people tell me things like this, a little part of my mind always says - "Well, you must have done something . . ." but I promise - I went into the class looking pretty much like roadkill because I was so exhausted from the demands of that week and really had very little energy to do all the necessary "appropriate" things, much less the "inappropriate."

Seriously, why do more than is necessary? I didn't even give the teacher an apple or anything like that.

So, here is the gist of the message:

"Listen you. I don't know who you are or who you think you are."

Really, Ma'am? Obviously you know who I am or you wouldn't be freaking calling my cell at 10:30 on a Monday night. And I think I am many things but guessing we may not find quorum on that one.


"You stay away from my husband. You came to take a class. Be a professional and take the class."

Hmmm. This is where I start to feel really bad. Because maybe she's right. But I don't see why it would impact her that I had to get to class 30 minutes late each day due to a prior commitment (Shaila ate my homework). And that's not "super" professional, so I get it. But why should she care?

"Where I come from, we have a name for women like you who steal other women's husbands." Then she proceeded to curse at me in Hindi. Which I should have been proud of because that's my language - but in this case, I got a teensy bit annoyed. Just a little. Small.

I couldn't catch the word. I was too busy being shocked and looking like a moron.

John was with me and said -" Are you ok?"

And I said, "No, will you please listen to this?"

And he did. And at no point did it even occur to me that John might doubt me on this one. I explained that the teacher was an elderly Indian man who bore more resemblance to my Indian Uncles and that had the same instructor looked like Robert Downey Junior in "Sherlock Holmes" we might be having a completely different conversation.

But John brushed my fears away on that issue immediately - because he is a great husband like that and said - this is bullS&% and you need to call the training company and let them know this happened to you. He also knows I love him and would only even entertain the idea remotely if it was Robert Downey Junior or Jude Law, and even then, I am kind of lazy so, you know . . . good luck with that.

Cuz again, it's all about conserving energy these days.

But that was my day. I got called a husband stealer by a woman whose husband taught me in a four day class and which I had ZERO interaction with outside of the classroom. And trust me, you would have shot your self from boredom with what was going on IN the classroom.

Project Management Certification is NOT sexy. Just being clear.

Soooooo, that was my day. Was yours better than mine? GD, I hope so.



Shell said...

Um, there's a word for someone like her, too. I believe it is crazybitch.

Theta Mom said...

Was my day better than this? Ummm, well you know about my day yesterday, so that's a toss up! lol

Looks like we're 0 for 2. What are with people anyway??? It's all up from here in 2010 my friend! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. ;)

Ann's Rants said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment on my post. I can't get over you're beautiful profile picture. I think I commented on it last time.

Anyway, that would completely mortify me--to receive a call like that.

Hope she leaves you alone. The PM certification does sound exciting, though.

Congrats on passing your exam!


Beth said...

I'd hate to see how that wife would react in the event of a real wife stealer.

Perhaps we should all gird our loins.

There are some CRAZY people in the world!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

WTF? Like seriously, WTF? I don't even get it. How does she know you? Was she in the class, too? How does she have your number? What is her husband saying? How does she even think this is ok?

For reals. I don't get it. And I hope you find out more to pacify all of my questions! Ha!

Lisa said...

John is right. Also, I feel sorry for her. How terrible to be so insecure about your husband that you accost a woman who is just trying to get through his class. And congrats to you on the exam!

Kate House said...

Oh, MAN. That is insane. Creepy, stalkerish bad. Definitely report this to the training company...then have a stiff drink.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Wow, she must be following her man to work! You could almost feel sorry for someone that insecure. I say let's build a story around it. I am thinking that her man has recently been unfaithful and she is still stinging from the insult of it all and letting her imagination run wild. That would make you collateral damage.

She is to be pitied, but, be careful and I think you should report it just in case she is off her meds.

Anna See said...

wow! this is quite a shocker. i would have been really freaked out. i feel bad for her b/c she's having some paranoia issues. yikes!

When did I become my Mom said...

Ummm she's clearly a nut who needs to deal with her issues and deal with them AT HOME! Or with some OTHER kinda professional.

If I were in your shoes and if I was mad enough, I would report her behaviour. But that would get the teacher in trouble. And if all this is because a good teacher had admiration for a student and the wife got so jealous she lost her sanity.... I dunno. I wouldn't want him to get in trouble, but there def shouldn't be a repeat of this. And getting your phone number has to be some kind of breach of company confidentiality.

But you musta made some kinda impression on her hubby huh! Little did you know?!

Ruth J said...

maybe she has you confused with someone else. were there any other people who looked like they speak Hindi in the class?

i would call her back to clarify what she is talking about. be calm and friendly. she'll probably feel stupid.


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