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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Doin' the Rounds

Hey Guys,

I'm off on a weeklong business trip today and don't anticipate much opportunity to breathe, much less write some cool ass posts or comment on all the lovely writing that my friends do every day.

What I did want to say is this. I have randomly selected 5 of my "bloggy friends" as a highlight each day of this week. If you read me and are not familiar with them, I hope I can use the time to connect you to another soul who loves to write and puts it all out there.

So here goes:

Monday - Salt Says. Salt will give you a little glimpse into the underworld of the Bikram Yoga community. Those who shall not be named. She uses her investigative skills and hard look at life to bring the truth forward.

Great piece, Salt. Or should I say, great pee-ce.

I love this chick. BTW - context is important. She is no hobo. not anymore, anyway.

Salt is a bride to be and the furthest thing from a bridezilla. I heart her. You will too. She is sugar and spice and lots of chunky margarita salt thrown in. My kind of girl.

I will be gone. London here I come. Please pay Miss Salt -tay a visit and tell her you like to holla with masala ;-)

While I am gone, I hope to introduce you to some of the women who make me smile through this crazy blogging thing every day.

Much love. Stay safe.


P.S. Comments have been closed. I would much rather you go visit Salt and be opinionated over there and tell her what a nut she was to jump into the baltimore harbor when it was freezing!!!!!(maybe that was what that champagne was for?!!) I still think girflriend is pretty freaking amazing - I just can't believe she did it. Way, way stronger that I am.

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