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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Duper Friend Collection - Shaune

I am a big fan of my friend Shaune. She is one of those women who normally make me feel really, really inadequate. Under different circumstances, I might even want to dislike her. But since she's my friend, I can't.

Yes, I know. That sounds like a HORRIBLE thing to say. But I am just being honest.

She is beautiful and sweet and an amazing cook. She's the kind of woman you just KNOW was on her high school Homecoming Court and I am POSITIVE she was voted "Friendliest" or "Nicest Smile" or something along those lines for yearbook.

She is the kind of pretty that is really, really cool when a woman has a masculine name. You know. Like Hunter. Or Danni. Or Drew.

She doesn't gossip and if you are sick, she is the first person to come over with a casserole. She will give you the shirt off her back if you need it and she always looks for the best in everybody she meets. Shaune would be hard pressed to say something negative about her worst enemy.

Which makes sense, because people like Shaune DON'T HAVE ENEMIES.

She's the kind of nice that raises some suspicion when you first meet her. I am always very skeptical when people are that nice to me. I look at them knowingly to let them know I am ON TO THEM. Seriously - are they for real? What's their agenda?


So I am ashamed to admit, when I first met Shaune, I was not sure I liked her. Not because she was mean to me or because she looked at me funny. She was as pleasant as she always is and she went out of her way to be friendly.

The reason I was not sure I could like Shaune was because of her Super Duper Dip.

Yes. A DIP.

We were at a New Year's Eve party at Chris and Meghan's when I was first introduced to this specialty of Shaune's. Looking unassuming (and even a bit homely) in a big old crockpot, I almost bypassed this dish. But then John had some and gestured me over like a madman.

And it was one of the best things I had ever eaten. EVER.

I was instantly suspicious. As everyone hovered around the crockpot, ignoring all the other dishes (and even the alcohol) to get another swipe of this savory goodness, I was positive she had either laced this dip with something or had used some kind of black magic.

How did something that UGLY taste SO GOOD?

There were some casualties that night. I don't know how many people I took down to make sure I had a spot at that crockpot. Nobody expected this little Indian girl to resort to throwing elbows, but I did what had to be done. And some people may have left with some bruises.

As I iced my own war wounds, I thought to myself "Who is this woman?" and "What is in that gloppy looking ambrosia?"

Over the years, I got to know Shaune and relaxed enough to stop being jealous and insecure around her.

I also got smart and figured that if we were friends, she would have to feed me.

Shaune gave me her recipe for the Super Duper Dip. She said I could share it with you, because she is THAT nice. It's great for Super Bowl parties, New Year's Eve parties, Birthday parties, Cocktail parties, Wednesday afternoons and . . . oh who am I kidding?

It's ALWAYS good. Just make it.

Super Duper Dip

1)1lb beef or turkey
2)taco seasoning
3)3 tablespoons of sour cream
4)large jar of salsa (preferably medium or hot)
5)can of refried beans
6) 16 oz of Sargento Mexican cheese blend (the regular kind, not the "Authentic" blend)

optional - fresh chopped jalapenos

Brown the meat and prepare it with taco seasoning in a pan. In a crockpot, throw all the above ingredients, along with the meat, into the mix. You can layer it or throw it all in together - it really doesn't matter after it all melts together.

Cook in crock pot for a few hours and serve with corn chips. I like things spicy so I put a (hot) in front of ingredients # 2 and 4 listed above.

Easy Peasy. And the beauty of this dish? The uglier it looks, the better it probably tastes!

You will be REALLY popular if you make this. I promise.

Thanks Shaune!


Jennifer said...

Have a wonderful 1st day back at work Today Kiran. I got your Blog info from Glennon. You have a beautiful family.

Kiran said...

Jennifer - thank you for the kind thoughts. I think my kids are beautiful too - but I wish they would be less loud at 4 in the morning ;-) Yes - Glennon is good peeps as I say. I love what she has done with that pan, don't you?

Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer said...

It's funny but I would have done the same thing with the pan. I am like Glennon when it comes to cooking. I only wish I had a microwave as high tech sounding as hers.

Glennon said...

Jennifer. Come get it. It's yours. I'm scared of it.

Also, I have a pan if you need one.

Kiran Kairab Ferrandino said...

Oh Glennon. How you jest. I am on to you. I bet you are secretly whipping up fritatas and souffles in your free time.

you know. all that free time you have.

The Vosburgh Family said...

Love all your posts Kiran. They are everything I look for in a blog - witty and funny and they make me feel closer to you. Miss you.

Kiran Kairab Ferrandino said...

Awww. Thank you Nancy. I miss you too :-)
Give my love to all the boys.


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