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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shit my kids say . . .

The other day, I was snuggling with Shaila, my three year old, in bed. We were spooning and I was trying to sleep as she tried to regale me with the politics of pre-school. It's all very complicated, and frankly, well - I would have much rather been sleeping.

Suddenly I felt a little pocket of air hit my stomach.


"Um, Shaila? Did you just toot?"


"Shaila? Was that a toot? It's ok - just wondering."

"Yes, MOMMY. It WAS. I toot a lot."

"Ok. When you are at school, do you toot?"

"OHHH. YEAH. All. the. time."

Well, good to know, I guess.

"Do you admit it?"

"Of course not, I just walk away really fast and don't say "excuse me."

She is SOOO my daughter.



foxy said...

Smart girl!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Oh, sweetie, girls don't toot, they bubble! I always bleme it on the dogs since one is always underfoot. I may be an old broad, but I have my pride!

Lemon Gloria said...

Smart girl! Very smart! Just like her mama!

Sara said...

That's what we professionals like to refer to as "crop dusting."

I'm so glad she's figured that out on her own.

You have a lot to be proud of!

Average Girl said...

Oh that so made me giggle! My niece often comes and sits on my lap just to pass gas. Got to love them!


Candice said...

Never let them see you sweat or hear you fart. She's a smart one. :)

Mrs Montoya said...

; )

Arizona Mamma said...

That's hilarious. Sounds just like mine. My husband blames me. He says they have my digestive system. Whatever that means.

Anna See said...

Ha! I think she is in cahoots, or catoots, with my sister!


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