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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Great Giveaway - Funley's Stix in the Mud

I have an online shopping problem.

Like, BIG time.

My husband jokes about it relentlessly. But his jokes are not really “jokes.” They are more like “ha, ha, ha” look at my crazy wife kind of jokes.

It is no wonder that at the age of 3, my daughter Shaila shouts out “It's FedEx!” whenever the doorbell rings no matter what time of the day it is. Halloween was very confusing for her, as that was one of the few times she wasn't looking after the big white truck as it careened down our street.

The FedEx man is sneaky!” she says, even as I applaud him for his sneakiness – for perhaps it's another package I can just kind of “sneak” into the house unbeknownst to John.

A few weeks ago, a large box arrived. I had come home late from work that day, so was ambushed by both John and Shaila in unison.

What did you order!?” asked John.

Mommy, that FedEx man is so sneaky! He never lets me catch him!” she exclaimed.

I looked at the box on the table. It was big. Quite large, in fact. And I had NO CLUE what was in it.

My first thought was:

Have I drunk bought anything on Amazon lately?” This perhaps seemed like the most likely scenario.

After opening the box though, I discovered it was a shipment of some amazing products.

Ok – you guys know me. You know I don't review products or give away stuff. So this HAS to be good.

Kiran!?” John yelled in his best Ricky Ricardo voice. (Trust me, way less endearing than on Desi Arnaz).

I opened the box to find an assortment of treats from the Funley's “Stix in the Mud” product offerings.

Three flavors: Peanut Butter, Caramel and the Original Chocolate.

After John gave me some more dirty looks, he opened the Peanut Butter box.

"AUggh." gulp. "Myihbjh." gulp. "God!" Gulp. "What are these?" he looked at me in disbelief.

(Translation: Oh My God. Deliciousness.)

So here's the deal. What I received due to the amazing marketing team at Funley's was a sample of their FANTASTIC "Stix in the Mud" products. After I pried them away from my husband's hands, I gave them a better look.

Here are the details.

  • 100% all-natural
  • No preservatives
  • No trans fat
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial anything
  • Whole grain flour cookie bits inside
  • Unique: homemade recipe cookie cluster
  • Salty-sweet snacking chocolate treat
  • Individually wrapped pieces for self-control
  • Kosher
  • Loved by kids ages 4 to 94
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% recycled gable box

I know that of amidst all of the chicken nuggets (organic - of course!!!) I feed my children, that this goodness can somehow balance out those toxins.


So anyway, the treats were a hit. Neighbors, family, friends - of all ages fell in love with the things. I even found one friend trying to steal a box but I went kung fu on them and retreived said box (Thank god! It was Peanut Butter - my favorite! Although Caramel is a close second . . .)

So here is the deal. The gracious folks at Funley's Delicious have agreed to give away a few boxes, similar to my own, with 2 boxes each of the three flavors. If you are not good at math this = 6 (six boxes - 2 of each flavor).

To be eligible - it's all so darn easy. Like easier than watching bad shows on the CW.

1) Comment on this post (1 point)

2) Become a follower of Masala Chica (2 points)

3) You MUST "Like"Funley's on Facebook (3 points - email me if you do this and say "referred by Masala Chica" when you post on their wall)

4) Retweet this giveaway with the hashtag #Funleys. (2 points)

3 lucky winners will take away the prize. Trust me - it is so worth it. Just ask my husband, who finished the peanut butter boxes in two days. I kept finding him in the closet eating then. Yes. That IS weird. He still denies it, but we don't have a dog and other lame excuses are sounding pretty weak). But I am happy - the treats are pretty healthy and the kids are HUGE fans!

And if you DON'T end up winning (tragic, tragic - I know) you can buy Funley's Stix in the Mud at some Whole Foods or online from anywhere at




AshliAGMG said...

Now please send Funley's, STAT.
Thank you. said...

I need this healthy deliciousness in my belly. Thanks.

Ruth J said...

so how did Funleys get your address?

ps- it's nice to see you back to blogging. i missed reading your posts!

Anna See said...

Yum. Yes please!

Anna See said...

Following. Double yum.

SurferWife said...

Clearly I follow you to the ends of the earth.

I also liked Funley's and commented on their wall.

I will tweet shortly AND this is your lovely comment. (Do these need to be put in seperate comments?)

Terry said...

Mmmm they sound so good

terrylee5151 at aol dot com

Terry said...

I am a new follower

Terry said...

I like funleys on fb and I left a comment

Terry said...

Oh... I forgot I need to say I followed you again

Terry said...

I like funleys on fb

Terry said...

Like funleys on fb

Terry said...


Terry said...


I have 4 giveaways if you are intersed

one is 25 gifts to one winner.


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