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Monday, September 19, 2011

A World Of Good - Social Good Summit in NYC

For the past two years (give or take), I have blogged about topics close to my heart. Some close and personal, but often times a take on the polarities of life.

The opportunities I have been given as an American which my cousins in the village in India may not have had.

The day to day conveniences (water), liberties (freedom, the right to safely LIVE without the constant threat of rape or sexual debasement).

The fact that any hunger I have felt in my life has been self-inflicted, never because I just needed.

That the images I see of children who are living with the realities of hunger, violence and fear every day seem to far away.

But in a world so connected by images, by knowledge, by technology and opportunity, we are also in a place we have never been before.

Our awareness of these issues is there. There is no reason for us to turn our backs on these realities anymore. You can change the channel, you can go to a new website. You can ignore tweets and you can pretend that its not happening.

You can try, anyway.

Let me know how that goes.

I am at the Social Good Summit in NYC, sponsored by the UN Foundation, Mashable and Ericsson. Here is the agenda.

The speakers list is incredible, kind of surreal.

Ted Turner. Lance Armstrong. Rah Shah, the USAID Administrator. Christy Turlington, Founder of Every Mother Counts. Mandy Moore. Ami Dar, Founder of, Scott Harrison, Founder of the charity water.

Elie Wiesel.

Archbishop Tutu.

This is NOT a full list.

Did I mention I get to see Elie Wiesel speak?

I am blown away.

I am here for inspiration. I am here because I care. I believe we can make a difference.

Will you be inspired with me?

I will be live tweeting from 1 - 6 each Monday and Tuesday - hoping to share this amazing experience with you. We all have the ability to use our connection to the world to help, to create awareness and to make real and irrefutable change.

Join me.


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1 comment:

webb said...

What a great opportunity. Hope it opens up new vistas for you.


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