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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Declan Carmical 08/26/09-08/18/10

Before I say anything. blast this. Would you?

(glad i got that out. Clearing my throat to be polite now)

Dear All,

It's crazy to think its been a year. A year of sadness. Of rebuilding. Of re-prioritizing.

A year of inspiration as we have seen an amazing family who has touched us all take something SO, SO hard and turn it into an opportunity.

An opportunity to help us all comprehend that we have to do more, to recognize how precious life is.

(Am I projecting? Doubtful. I think you all know what I mean).

How many of you can say that you don't look at things and nuisances just a little bit differently? How many of you can say that there haven't been nights where you hugged your kids that much harder? Because they CAN be a pain in the ass. Because you have the privilege of them pissing you off. And giving you deepest sense of contentment as their arms wrap around your neck before you put them to night.

Because they ARE there. In their glory, in their honesty, in there very being.

Thursday night marks the one year anniversary of Declan Carmical's passing. To say that it was premature is an understatement.

To say that his passing hasn't changed the way many of us look at the world, our children, OUR lives is an greater understatement.

Let us honor Declan. Let us honor the Carmicals. Let us honor every child who can't BE while our children ARE. Life turns on a dime. We have to care.

Please come out friends and family.

Here's what's going down on the 18th:

1) At 6 PM, Thursday the 18th - we will all meet on Withers Grove Court, Ashburn VA.

2) Parking should be plentiful on Ridgeway but if you are here early - there will be space on Withers Grove Court.

3) Please wear Yellow (Pediatric Cancer colors) and/or Blue. When Declan passed, we released yellow & blue balloons and wore blue ribbons so it is a symbol of what we remember. If its a Journey 4 a Cure shirt or Declan's Journey shirt - that is great. Get creative!!

What do you need to bring?:

1) Your love

2) Your support

3) Your hope

4) Your encouragement to the Carmicals and families who have to face this.

Basically - just you, your family and your hearts.

What will we be doing?:

1) Our neighborhood will be decorated by the children of our street to mark their love of Declan. If you would like your children to participate, or would like to help yourself, at 2 PM, we will begin blowing up hundreds of blue and yellow balloons (not for immediate release, but to decorate the street).

2) We ask you to think about what you would like to say to Declan, or to the Carmicals. There will be something for you to sign to commemorate your participation, support and love, which none of the families affected by pediatric cancer take for granted.

3) Bring your creativity and love.

4) After everyone writes there individual messages to the Carmicals and/or Declan, you will be given a balloon. It is your choice to release or not. There is beauty in either and all we want is your presence and love.

What won't be there?:

Because we don't yet know how many people will be attending, organizing food, beverages, etc. will be a challenge. We encourage everyone to come with drinks for you, your children and snacks. Once we begin festivities at 6, we expect everything to "wrap" by 7 PM.


For being part of this journey.

What if you don't live near us in Ashburn, VA?

Please put together a similar event. Wherever you are. However large or small.

If you can't do that, please say a prayer for the children of the world who don't know what opportunity is because they hear the word "cancer" so young.

Say a prayer that no child should ever, ever, EVER have to comprehend those words.

We CAN stop this.


Every day from NOW until August 27th.

Look - I don't care if you are worried about putting too much "noise" in your facebook feed.

You can vote EVERY day without reaching into your wallet.

You can help find a cure for pediatric cancer.

You CAN educate friends. You REALLY, REALLY can.


For Declan.


Kiran Ferrandino

(on behalf of the Carmicals and the extended family on Withers Grove Court)

(Who am I? an overzealous friend and neighbor of the Carmicals - in case you were wondering ;-)


Heather M said...

Kiran, As I was reading this I was wishing I was back in Virginia so I could be there. Thank you for the idea for participating in my own neighborhood. I'll be putting blue and yellow balloons on my mailbox on Friday morning (your Thursday afternoon/evening) and saying my prayers for all of you.

webb said...

Sister, I will be there in my heart. namaste

Islam said...

Thank your for sharing
Messenger of Allah


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