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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Journey

This blog has gone through an identity crisis since I started it.

This is not to be confused with any loss of identity or confusion on the part of its owner.

Nope. None whatsoever.

I was very obviously on the "mommy blog" track when I initially started. Then I started to pepper in my Indian heritage, making it more of a "mommy blog with some curry." Then I kind of ranted and raved about whatever pissed me off that day (this can still occur, though I try to reel it in).

And then last year, everything changed.


As a result, I changed. This blog changed. My focus changed.

Things that seemed important, no longer seemed that way to me. Things that previously seemed like the largest injustice didn't piss me off quite so much anymore, and things that I may have overlooked in the past now mattered to me in a new and re-defining way.

I guess death does that to you . . . . :(

I know that some of you have read about my posts on Declan Carmical, a young boy who lived on our street and succumbed to cancer just days before his first birthday. The journey our good friends, the Carmicals, have taken since the day Declan was diagnosed at four months of age and the long climb they face to bring awareness and support to pediatric cancer has been an emotionally uplifting, inspiring and amazing thing . . .

. . . While simultaneously being emotionally draining, discouraging and completely overwhelming.

And the thing is, I am just a friend of a family that has to deal with this every day. To see what my friends have gone through while still maintaining focus, dedication and passion to fight pediatric cancer is a truly humbling thing.

To realize that there is not ONE Declan, but so many more has been a huge punch in the gut. To hear stories of children like Aiden, Taylor, Brooke, Carson, Shea, Evy and TOO, TOO many others - who are bravely battling cancer makes me want to mobilize and move my butt in gear to do something.

But I just can't move fast enough. And for someone who hates to ask for help, this is one of those times where I really, really need to shout from the rooftops that your help is needed.

Statistics are hard to look at. They are even harder to believe. And they give a whole new perspective to where our children might be most vulnerable.

Reality: Pediatric Cancer is the #1 disease related killer of children in the United States.

Reality: Only 1 drug has been approved by the FDA in the last 30 years to fight pediatric cancer. In comparison to the 50 medications approved for adult cancers in the same time span, we are looking at a truly crippled treatment process for children.

Harsher Reality: Childhood cancer research is not only underfunded, but funding has declined.


Really, really crappy reality: It's a numbers game. With children cancer comprising only 5% of all cancer diagnoses annually, pharmaceutical companies don't see a business case to fund treatment research.

No family should hear the words, there is no known cure.

For any disease.

Sadly, too many parents will have to hear those words in our lifetime if we don't mobilize.

Journey 4 a Cure is dedicated to seeing beyond the business case and working to build a case around the lives of families that need the research, that are praying for their children, and who are bravely fighting the odds to keep their journey going.

This post is a request to help Journey 4 a Cure to meet their goals. Ways you can help:

1) Vote for Journey 4 A Cure every day on the Vivint project page. Vivent will be giving 1.25 million dollars to worthwhile causes, and we are trying to win our regional grand prize of $250,000 - 100% of the proceeds will go towards pediatric cancer research if we win.

2) Did I mention voting EVERY day? Oh yeah. I think so. Please keep it going until August 27th. This is only one day after Declan's birthday (and his twin Cole's birthday). What an amazing thing that would be to see as we celebrate Declan and Cole's second birthday . . .

4) Would you post the project in your facebook status? I cannot stress how much winning this money would do towards the fight against pediatric cancer.

5) Hug your kids. Love them. And pray that they never have to face cancer or any other disease that can rob them of the youth they all so deserve.

6) Beyond praying, please join us in our journey. Even if its just a vote.

We journey. Every day.

And we will journey however long it takes.

Thank you for your support.

Humbly Yours,
Masala Chica (Kiran . . .)

Vivint is giving away $1.25 Million to charities. Help us win!


nana carmical said...

Kiran, we love you guys and thank you for caring. It's kind of wild in a way that we have to keep punching at this thing ... as the statistics note, 46 kids will be diagnosed today, 6 children will die and there is so little being done about it. These dollars will help launch some cutting edge research that is just waiting for funding. If we can just get enough energy behind it ... the truth is this horrible disease can strike anyone's family, any day ... maybe that's it, people don't want to think about it. I don't blame them, yet we must, because once pediatric cancer strikes your family it will really be too late unless we start doing something now. Thank you for caring, thank you for your support. We love you. Love, NanaC

Masala Chica said...

Thank you, Donna. It's true . . . and statistics show that we will lose many more children before we are in a state to offer them assistance through treatment, given current progress.

Thank you for sharing those additional facts . . . You have been such a model of grace and your words on the blog are so inspiring.

We love you too . .


Whinespecialist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whinespecialist said...

loved reading this. I completely understand about how the little things stop mattering. I am a friend of sweet little Evy's mom and knowing them has changed me completely. I find pediatric cancer and the lack of awareness and progress so upsetting. Thank you for caring so much.

Diana said...

Kiran- that is wonderfully written... Although I am sure, emotionally, that none of us want to be on this journey...I sure am glad to be on it with you and countless other amazing people. It is a journey that we can transform into a happier reality for our children. Since learning of Declan's passing and seeing his beautiful face in the paper- I can honestly say that my life has changed in so many ways. I am grateful for my own childrens health, of course...and I hug them closer as so many people do when they read of tragedy- but it's more than that. Declan took a peice of my heart up to heaven with him and I'm pretty sure he won't give it back until I help make a difference. (he can keep it though because I like him having it.) I won't stop trying to make a difference- every day... I miss Declan every single day even though I wasn't lucky enough to know him. And the entire extended Carmical family is my thoughts every day. This will never change- but I also know that actions will speak louder than my words. I am so happy to have met you and your beautiful children- I look forward to bringing change along your side. Love, Diana

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