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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reconnecting when its really just because your droid is malfunctioning and you are too lazy to resolve the issue

Today, I was sitting in the lobby of my hotel, waiting for a cab to get me to take me back home. I get restless and I feel very awkward when I am not doing something with my hands. I imagine that knitting might be a good outlet for me, but really, I didn't have time to find an A.C. Moore.

So I did what I normally do at times like these and harass my friends and co-workers with whatever is on my mind.


So I am sitting there on my freaking Droid 2 which I have deducted is the following:

1) an utter piece of crap
2) has a serious dysfunctional hardware issue going on - but I am too lazy to lose all the things I have put on it
3) I had sabotaged myself and downloaded some horrible apps that were slowly choking the minimal power of this existing phone

So, I am calling my "lucky" colleague, whose name is Aaron (who often quite heroically puts up with some of my rants) thinking I am ready to complain about this, and bitch about whatnot and tell him my theories on the world (you know, because I was bored and this is just what you do to overstressed colleagues at times like that).

A voice answers.

"Aaron. It's me." I say nonchalantly.
"Oh -hey. How are you?" I hear a male voice in the background.
"Dude, we have so much to talk about. You in the office on Thursday?"
"Um, who is this?"
At this point, I am exasperated.
"Aaron, stop being such as A^&^. It's ME."


"This is Aaron Sylvester. Who the heck are you?"


"Aaron, like from college Aaron?"

"Depends, I guess."

"Oh shit, this is Kiran Ferrandino. I think I accidentally dialed you because you come up in my Facebook contacts. I fully blame my Droid."

And albeit a short conversation - it was one of the best accidental dials. It was great to hear a voice from my past - of a person I had always held in high esteem.

And I realized that while we all have so many friends on our Facebook page or through other avenues of connection - why shouldn't we make more accidental calls?

This year I vow to accidentally call (I believe my Droid will be fully cooperative) old faces and friends from my past.

Let's do it friends. We get enough prank or bullshit calls in our lives. Why not make a few calls of your own to someone who would never expect it?

I mean, I don't want you to be like - bunny-killer stalker or anything.

But just remember that there are so many people you are connected to. And while life gets crazy and we rely so heavily on email, facebook and texting to keep us in touch.

Remember that there is nothing as powerful as your voice.

Hoping you make an accidental connection today too.



Kathy's Klothesline said...

Old friends are harder to find when you get to be my age, but, if it makes you feel any better, I sometimes misdial while phoning my kids. I have chatted with some nice strangers. They no doubt found me to be the strangest of all .....

I did find an old friend from the time in my life when our children were toddlers. I called her, but found the conversation to be not very satisfying.

Anna See said...

Whew! Glad it was a happy misdial. I can think of a few that would not have been so happy for me...

Melinda said...

I recently connected with a Jr. High friend from FB. Long story short ... we are now working on a professional project together that I am so excited about! Wouldn't have happened if I hadn't just taken a moment to say "What's up" after 30 years! :)

Haven't been by in TOO long .... always love stopping by your place. Your new profile picture is beautiful!! :)


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