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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Hook Brings You Back

The hook brings you back
I ain't telling you no lie
The hook brings you back
On this you can rely . . . Blues Traveler

A while ago, as in way back when (it must have been at least three hairstyles ago. At LEAST), I did a few posts on how bad I was at understanding song lyrics.

There are so many songs that I have sung over the course of my life with passion . . . with gusto in fact, only to find out how wrong my ramblings had truly been.

The other day, I thought I would bond with Shaila and sing some songs with her. It was our standard Mommy/Daughter jammin playlist:

Accidentally in Love by the Counting Crows
Since you Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
Love Story by Taylor Swift

It didn't hit me until I was mid-verse on the Taylor Swift song that the lyrics really aren't:

"We were first drunk when I first saw you.
I close my eyes
And the blackout starts"

I couldn't believe I was so off.

In fact, (friends you won't believe me, even as I tell you this!) the lyrics are actually quit, QUITE different. And the worst thing is, I sang that song wrong many times and thought they made total sense for Taylor to sing.

I guess, had I stopped to think about it, I may have asked what innocent little Taylor was trying to get across, talking about being drunk and everything? Had she been hanging with Ke-sha lately and started brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack? Granted, Taylor likes to write about exes and (this is where my addiction to bad tabloids would pay off) - hadn't she IN FACT dated a Jonas brother?

Which would further strengthen my argument, dear friends, because I don't care how cute they look, or good they act, you know that Nick or Joe or Billy or whatever they are called - probably have access to MAD decent roofie dealers with their kind of money, so really . . .

The lyrics just fell in place for me, of course.

I'm just saying.

I think I like my lyrics better.


(Taylor Swift. Not really drunk and also not blacking out. But I still don't trust those Jonas brothers)


Ruby said...

OH.EHM.GEE. LOL i think i pee'd lol you are too funny oh how i missed reading your blog Yes i must agree your lyrics are way better :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Hahaha! I once heard that a common misunderstanding of the song "Beast of Burden" was "I'll never leave your pizza burnin'." I've never heard it the same way!

alessandra said...

Welcome back funny girl ;)

Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity said...

Ha! Been there!! I even posted on it awhile back. BTW, glad you are back. Missed you!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Being a little older than you I could entertain you non-stop with lyrics I have gotten wrong. But, like you I liked mine better!

foxy said...

Man, that is SO FUNNY. And gosh, I am so guilty of screwing up lyrics too. My favorite lyric screw-up is actually one that I heard my BFF sing. You know that song Need You Tonight by INXS? Of course you do. Well, at the part where he says "I'm lonely" my girlfriend sang "I'm long legs". Which cracks my ass up even to this day. Lyric screw ups are the BEST.

Venassa said...

You are hilarious.
But I wouldn't trust those Jonas guys either. But Taylor always looks so adorable and innocent.

Shandal said...

LOL, oh my goodness, I'm so the same way! I just mumble what I think they are singing and then find out that I was WAY off. Ha! Sorry I've been MIA lately. I honestly haven't been around to anyone's blog all summer. I think I'm back now though! :)

Sara said...

I like your lyrics better, but a lot of that may have to do with the fact that Taylor makes me want to slap her with undercooked bacon.

nmaha said...

ROFL. This made my day. V and I do the same.

myra said...

I think I just died of laughter. And my boss probably thinks I AM drunk on some kinda drugs. Crap.

I don't think I can listen to that song without your lyrics ever again.

Sara said...

Maybe she would enunciate better if she got her bangs out of her face.

Just a thought.

Mrs Montoya said...

Your lyrics are way better :) It is my Princess' fav song, too. I might try it your way next time!


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