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Monday, August 30, 2010

Balloons for Declan - a Tribute

Over the past few weeks, I have shared with you my feelings on having to witness my neighbors and close friends having to go through something terribly hard.

Thank you guys for caring and taking the time to visit the Declan's Journey Fan Page - as well as the Declan's Journey website.

The other night, something pretty incredible happened.

It was Declan and Cole's birthday, and to honor and celebrate Declan's life, there was an organized "Balloon Release" done to pay tribute to this amazing child.

So many people posted pictures. So many people from all over the world wrote to Stan and Sherri telling them that they had released balloons.


Here is video/photo montage I compiled to try to track just a portion of the pictures and stories that were posted about that day about a boy who touched so many hearts.

His smile touched me during his short life. His presence continues to touch me each day.

I have told you many sad things about Declan's Journey. But this is not a piece about grief.

It is about hope.



nmaha said...

This is a lovely way to pay tribute a to such a brave child.

foxy said...

So, so sweet! And I love that so many people around the world joined in. That's the kind of stuff that makes your heart smile.

Ams said...

Beautiful Kiran, absolutely beautiful!
*Hugs* to you all.

Salt said...

So beautiful and amazing that so many other people around the world participated. He was such a special little boy.

webb said...

Having known Declan and his family will change you forever - and in a very good way. You've shown what love is all about. Thanks for sharing it with us, too.

Masala Chica said...

Thank you guys. I like that line Sara - it is true. I cried when editing it all together, but my "heart smiled" throughout all of it.
Love you guys for all of your beautiful words of encouragement for my friends.

Colleen said...


He has truly made an impact on the world.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

So sweet and sad. This past Sat. was my son's birthday. He would have been 40 had he not died last Oct. I spent a quiet day remembering him as a small boy. It was bittersweet, too.


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