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Saturday, December 20, 2008


"Masala" is a term used in Indian cooking to describe a combination of spices, ingredients and flavors.

I'll admit that I like my food with lots of spice and flavor, and think life should be lived the same way. Every day is just a little more interesting when you mix in some unexpected ingredients . . . .

As a second generation Indian American now married to a wonderful man who is half Italian, half Puerto Rican - I think that "Masala Chica" sums up the international flavor of our joint family and household fairly well.

I am what is sometimes referred to as an ABCD - an American Born Confused Desi. "Desi" is a word that is synonymous with Indians, just so you know. There are lots of us here now in the United State and we have a great many shared stories to tell. Some are pretty hilarious, others are sad. But I want to make sure they do get told. So bear with me while I tell some of mine.

This ABCD is trying to figure out how to navigate parenthood, being a working mother, a good Indian daughter, a good Daughter in Law to my Italian side of the family and an even better Daughter in Law for the Puerto Rican side of the house.


My children are what I lovingly call - quarter-riquenos. I can't find one of those wavy fancy things for my n right now, but you know what I mean.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy! Please chime in with your own "spice."

I can't promise I will respond to you, but if you want to humor me (it's not me, its the fact that I really am a jerk at heart. If I respond to too many people, I am bad about brushing my teeth. If that multiplies, I forget to brush my children's teeth.)

Nobody wants this.

I know.

Peace out homes.




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monisha mehta said...

hey , nice blog , like it ,
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krishna pachegonker said...

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